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BeefEater Barbecues

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BeefEater, a great Australian company with one goal...To make great barbecues!

Australia is one of the most unique countries on earth, a great island continent, a landmass bounded only by oceans and sky. It's a land of wondrous contrast: from the great rain forests, golden sandy beaches and mountain ranges of blue and green, to the yellow painted fields of wheat, the stillness of the desert and the ever changing hues of light upon stone in that region of the land they call the Red Centre. Australia is truly a place of natural inspiration, a place that inspires all who are born or settle here. It's a land of ancient heritage and long traditions, myths and legends, industrious people, and a pervading characteristic called "the great Aussie spirit"...

To all of us, Australia is much more than just a place we call home, it's a natural heritage and a timeless gift that we proudly pass on to our children and that we gladly share with friends and visitors from other lands. It's the many generations of people who have taken great pride in being 'Australian' that have helped shape this great land as they in turn find themselves shaped by the natural forces that surround us. It's our love of the land and of the great outdoors and our unique sense of mateship that touches all who visit here. It's the tough, enduring spirit of the bushman that exists in all of us; a spirit that can't be broken by time or adversity.

BeefEater is an Australian company that has a twenty-year tradition of making the finest outdoor barbecue appliances. BeefEater is a real Australian success story. The parent company was founded in 1984 and today employs over 150 people and is the largest barbecue manufacturer in Australia.

BeefEater has grown to be a major force in the world market for high quality barbecues with sales operations based in the United States, Canada, Europe, The Middle East, Asia and New Zealand.

This success has come from BeefEater’s philosophy of manufacturing the highest quality porcelain enamel and stainless steel barbecues that are able to endure the outdoor environment and offer faultless performance and durability.

The Largest Barbecue Manufacturing
Plant in Australia. The 6 acre BeefEater manufacturing plant at Chester Hill in Sydney; home of BeefEater Barbecues and St. George Appliance

The BeefEater range of barbecues encompasses the luxurious Signature® stainless steel models and the top selling Discovery Series. Whichever you choose, you are guaranteed the finest outdoor cooking system.

Experience and excellence - a winning combination! BeefEater’s 20 year experience in building barbecues confirms that the features necessary for a great barbecue are:
  • Functional Design
  • Solid Construction
  • Stylish good looks
The ideal barbecue offers a host of standard features designed to make outdoor entertaining a pleasure. There are many imitations on the market so look for these important features when choosing a barbecue:
  • Rust free cooking surfaces that are easy to use and easy to clean
  • A proven reliable ignition system that won’t fail or require batteries
  • Solid, commercial quality construction in a choice of materials like stainless steel and porcelain enamel
  • High heat output for instant searing and demanding cooking requirements
  • A vaporizing system for reduced flare ups
  • A safe and hygienic grease management and removal system
  • And finally, a comprehensive warranty backed by a legendary Australian barbecue company

The BeefEater trademark is more than just a ‘brand’ - it’s our reputation...

...A reputation built on functional design, solid ‘built-to-last’ construction and stylish good looks that are immediately recognizable.

BeefEater’s quality can be seen and felt in every model in our range. It can be seen in the fine luster of the stainless steel and the smooth finish of the porcelain enameling to the barbecue frame and roasting hoods.

It can be felt in the precision movement of the gas controls and in the ease of engaging the Quartz Start Technology™ ignition. It can also be felt in the weight of the Rust Free Technology™ porcelain enamel coated cooking surfaces – heavy duty cast-iron plates that cook as good as they look.

BeefEater barbecues are manufactured in Sydney Australia.

BeefEater is a real Australian success story. The company was started in 1984 by C.E.O. Peter Woodland and today employs 70 people and is the largest independent barbecue appliance manufacturer in Australia. BeefEater specializes in high quality porcelain enamel and stainless steel barbecues and high quality accessories.

Recognized award winning company.

In 1999 BeefEater won the New South Wales "Premier Exporter of the Year" award. Then in ‘1999’ and ‘2000’ BeefEater was the 2nd place winner of the prestigious Western Sydney Exporter of the year award. In ‘2001’ BeefEater was the outright winner of the Western Sydney Exporter of the year award. In 1991 the BeefEater Signature series barbecue was awarded the Australian Design Award for ergonomic design and glass viewing window. During the Sydney 2000 Olympics, BeefEater was selected by the New South Wales Government to be part of the prestigious Australian Technology Showcase to provide an example to the world, of Australian innovation and technology.

The BeefEater Signature S-3000 series – Australian made - not imported

BeefEater barbecues are designed and built in Australia for export to the world. Don’t be fooled into paying up to three times the price for an imported product of equivalent or even lesser value. Compare the features, price and quality of an ‘Australian made’ BeefEater barbecue to the competition and you will see that BeefEater is a wise investment for your outdoor entertainment area.

Built tough - like a real outdoor appliance should be

BeefEater barbecues are built with the same high level of quality that can be found in the finest kitchen appliances from around the world and BeefEater barbecues are built ‘tough’ just like an outdoor appliance should be. Look at some of the competition and you will clearly see why we call BeefEater ‘Australia’s Leading barbecue’. Some of our competitors make their barbecues look good just for the showroom floor but you’ll have to keep them in mothballs if you want them to stay that way. BeefEater barbecues are designed and built to be used outdoors.

20 years experience makes the difference

Nobody knows more about barbecuing than Australians and nobody knows more about building a better barbecue than BeefEater. BeefEater is the barbecue industry’s most innovative and highly respected manufacturer. Beefeater was the first barbecue manufacturer to introduce a glass window style roasting hood to Australia.

Modular, Flexible design that’s built in.

BeefEater is the closest you will get to designing your own barbecue. Our barbecue range is totally modular giving you the flexibility to create a complete outdoor cooking appliance that suits your needs. Our Signature S-3000S and S-3000E barbecue frames can be built into a permanent installation or outdoor cooking area.


8508 Park Road #156
Charlotte, NC 28210

(P) 704.334.5470
(F) 704.334.5675
Toll Free: 877-79-BARBQ (22727)

Brent Clark
866.550.2433 or 602.243.6423


Robert E. Ferguson
President & Director of Online Services
(P) 704.334.5470

Brent Clark
Head of Customer Service
866.550.2433 or 602.243.6423




To contact us for more information or with any comments, please visit our Customer Feedback Page.


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